Cool Seed History


The beginning

In 1999 a team of technicians led by engineer Francisco Ayala Barreto, the company’s current CEO, developed equipment, rudimentary from an aesthetic point of view, but robust from an engineering point of view, which allowed it to reduce the temperature of the mass of soybean seeds, stored in bulk in silos of 100 tons, at temperatures of 15º C.

The first years were difficult, because in addition to the difficulties of developing a new product, it was necessary to convince the post-harvest sector, lacking in new solutions for storage, but with doubts about the technical and economic feasibility.

Overcoming the initial phases, typical of activities of this nature, time proved that the enterprise was on the right track.


The foundation

The Cool Seed Ind. e Com. Ltda. company was founded on October 30, 2001 in the city of Foz do Iguaçu – PR, Brazil.


Dynamic Artificial Cooling

Due to the application needs of the coolers in the sowers, and following their vocation to develop innovative technologies, the new system of cooling seeds in motion in the processing flow was created. This system was named Dynamic Artificial Cooling. The development was started of a coffee drier through a contract with the Federal University of Viçosa – MG.

The company had been growing at a rapid pace, increasing into several Brazilian states and in some countries such as Paraguay and Argentina.


New place

An area of 30,000 m² was acquired at an average altitude of 750 m.s.n.m. in the municipality of Santa Tereza do Oeste, west of the State of Paraná – Brazil, for the new headquarters of the industry. This is a strategic location.


Beginning of works

The construction of unit I begins.


Implementation of the machine park

Unit II was completed and the start of the incorporation of a modern CNC machine park for punching, cutting, and folding. This is an important step, as it inserts the company in the metalworking sector to give the means of production for the new technologies that were under development.


Developing new equipment

Within the strategic vision of diversification of its products and after six years of research the Air Treatment Unit – UTA and Axial Flow Dryers – SAX were created, equipment that demonstrates the enormous potential for application in various sectors of agribusiness, for drying of temperature-sensitive products. And the multiple burst dryer project has also begun./p>


Market Expansion

Delivery of the latest equipment to Cuba, totaling 31 PCS 40 equipment, mounted on truck.



Cool Seed participates in a fair in Sinaloa, one of mexico’s main agricultural regions, starting commercial activities there.


Industrial Expansion

After years of research Cool Seed consolidated the concept of SAX – Axial Flow Dryer. And in the same year began negotiations with Mozambique (Africa), this year the second major industrial expansion takes place with the construction of block 4 (4700 m²) and the purchase of the structure of the Hastivel plant, totaling a total area of implementation of 64,000 m² and expanding to 12,000 m² of built area. This year Cool Seed enters the North American market with the donation of the equipment GCH 20 to the University of Kansas in Kansas City.

Tray dryer – SBJ, enters the market and has its first units installed in The Aleluia Farm in Franca – SP.

Secador de bandeja – SBJ, entra no mercado e tem suas primeiras unidades instaladas na Fazenda Aleluia em Franca – SP.


New drying equipments

Consolidation of drying equipment FOR – Indirect fire furnace, which was developed to assist in the drying of noble products, such as coffee.



Acquisition of an area of 36,000 m² and an industrial shed of 2000 m², totaling an implemented area of 100,000 m².

Assembly of the first equipment in Mozambique and launch of The SMI – Multiple Intermittence Dryer


South Africa

Start of activities in South Africa.


Cool Seed is characterized by being an innovative company, which practices transparent rules for business relationships with its suppliers and customers, cares about a work environment that prioritizes people, and strict practices of their values at all levels of the organization. With the support of our scientific partners and research institutions in Brazil and abroad, new technologies are already being planned and should be launched in the coming years, in a process of continuous improvement of their products and generation of new technologies for post-harvest.

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